Monday, August 9, 2010

A Case of the Mondays...

Ever have one of those days when you completely feel like you’ve dropped your awesome? Lost your mojo? Broke your fabulosity? Yeah, me too. Those of us who are Office Space worshippers can easily refer to this infliction as a “Case of the Mondays”. Because there is nothing that I despise more than me in a grouchy mood, I have devised several pick-me-ups to rid myself (and my poor, sometimes undeserving family), from the wrath of the crabby Kami.
It should be noted that I had a sort of nervous breakdown about a year ago. I’m not talking about the kind of breakdown that lands you in a mental hospital on electro-shock therapy or anything. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… at times it sounds like a nice little vacay to me! I had the kind when you realize you hate your job and you really need a new wardrobe. So, I quit my job, drank some wine, bought some new shoes and vowed to never enter such a state of dismal gloom again. (Here would be an excellent time to point out that I’m prettier when I’m happy as well. And we all know it’s all about the pretty.)
There are several fool-proof approaches to find happiness. My favorite? Music therapy. Not that silly jazz or classical. Good, old fashioned 80’s pop rock is the remedy for chasing off the grumpies. It is absolutely, physically and intellectually impossible to be in a bad mood when singing Tone Loc, The Go-Go’s or Billy Idol at the top of your lungs in your car. Even better, do it with your kids in the car! The embarrassment you impose on them during this act will double the happiness it brings, I promise.
Another magnificent tip for fighting off your bad mood is very simple, can be found on any street corner and costs less than five dollars. Coffee! Sure, it’s not as energy efficient as its dark and moody cousin Crack-Cocaine, but it perks you up without the bad teeth and possible trip to jail. If you choose to go to Starbucks for your cup of caffeinated goodness, you can engage in one of my all-time favorite activities; eavesdropping on innocent peoples conversations! This is sure to make you feel better, as most people I eavesdrop on have much bigger problems than my own.
Finally, the best way to cheer yourself up? Shopping. But one must be very careful, or this can take a disastrous turn. Best to steer clear from clothes that might not fit, making you feel fat or things you can’t afford, making you feel poor. I suggest shoes and purses. Nothing creates pure bliss and jubilation than a new handbag and strappy sandals!
If none of these pointers pull you out of your doldrums, call me. We’ll listen to Madonna, go shoe shopping and get coffee together until you are busting a gut and on the verge of wetting your pants, because well, that’s how I roll!

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Amanda K said...

I ABSOLUTELY love reading your blog. :) Someday, you will write a book...I KNOW IT! AND, I will read it. AND probably pee my pants in the process. XOXO